Ski Resorts Need More Snow
If you're planning a vacation to ski country, you might have to wait.  Thanksgiving weekend is usually a big one for ski resorts, but most of them had to delay openings this year because of a lack of snow.
Some of the projected openings are in mid to late December now.
Texas May Be Awesome, But It Lacks Tourist Destinations
We rock the beer and barbecue in Texas, but when it comes to having the biggest draws for tourists, we're left completely off the "best of the best" list.  We don't have Yosemite or Yellowstone, and the closest "best" tourist destination is about 12…
Win Your Beaches Luxury Included Vacation
We landed in Jamaica yesterday afternoon and have been pampered every second of the day and night since we got here!  I'm lucky enough to be experiencing a Beaches Luxury Included Family Vacation.  The same one that you can win by listening for the cue to call every weekday in the mon…