The Dish With Fish

The Dish With Fish — Episode 9 [VIDEO]
As you may have noticed, we missed an episode last week. Where were we? Lost and distracted within the ridiculous world of the internet. So, Fish will go through some of YouTube's viral videos and try and guess at what some criminals did to get locked up.
The Dish With FIsh — Episode 8 [VIDEO]
Here is another episode of The Dish With Fish. In this, the eighth episode, we decided to talk about some bed room activities. Fish gets some VERY personal questions from listeners just like you. Watch this episode of the XXX version of The Dish With Fish.
The Dish With Fish — Episode 7
Here we go again. This is the seventh episode of The Dish With Fish. You know you have been waiting all week to hear what this guy has to say. Wait no more! Fish is here to answer all your questions.
The Dish With Fish — Episode 6 [VIDEO]
It is Friday again. That means, it is time for The Dish With Fish. This is episode six and we have a special guest for this week's video. The girls winner of our 96X The Rock of East Texas' Hottest Bartender contest. Watch for a bit of fun and games.
The Dish With Fish — Episode Five [VIDEO]
This week's episode of The Dish With Fish is packed full of fun, weird, and tricky questions. This week holds the final round of love, lust, and everything in between questions. The final questions get a little weird. Watch the fifth episode of The Dish With Fish to find out what Fish had to sa…
The Dish With Fish: Episode Three [VIDEO]
The new Dish With Fish is full of some great stuff. Questions are answering, guilty pleasures revealed, and you'll find out who the special surprise guest will be for next week's show. Watch and laugh a little as you hear straight from one of your favorite 96x The Rock of East Texas DJ.
The Dish With Fish — Episode Two [VIDEO]
Welcome back for another installment of The Dish With Fish. This week's video is full of music, advice, and some laughs. Are you ready to hear what Fish is really thinking? Watch this, the second episode, of The Dish With Fish.
Introducing ‘The Dish With Fish’ Video Series on 96X
This week, we are bringing you guys a new feature to our website. This will let you guys get to know your favorite 96X DJ, Fish. Every week there will be a short video from him that will be packed full of good times, knowledge, and laughs. Don't miss your chance to get Fish to answer your quest…