More Than 40 Chains Won’t Open on Thanksgiving Day
Some stores are opening up at 5 or 6pm on Thanksgiving Day to help you burn some calories after all the turkey and cranberries.  But others have said no, and won't open up until Black Friday.  Check out the growing list of stores that WON'T open on Thanksgiving Day.
Lower Gas Prices = More Traveling and More Gifts? [POLL]
Just about everyone is rejoicing with lower gas prices (except if you own a gas station). Prices have fallen considerably since the summer, when gas was around $3.39 to now $2.59 a gallon. I've even noticed a big change in the total at the pump when I go to fill up my truck and I appreciate it …
Thanksgiving Dinner Costs How Much?
Have you tallied up how much your family spends on the turkey dinner at Thanksgiving?
Counting that green bean casserole with the french fried onions on top, cranberry sauce, the bird, and other trimmings, the average cost of Thanksgiving dinner is $44.04 this year.
Worst Things to Do on Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is just a couple of weeks away. Want to have a great and successful one? Here are a handful of things to completely avoid to make sure your Thanksgiving goes without a hitch.
More Men Are In Charge of the Turkey This Year
Growing up, my mom was always the one to cook the turkey at Thanksgiving. The turkey was always baked to perfection (and sometimes imperfection) in the oven at my parents' house and at Grandma's, using the traditional method with the traditional stuffing inside.

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