Super Bowl

Super Bowl to Scrap Roman Numerals, for One Game Anyway
Do you know what number the Roman Numeral "L" stands for?
Me neither!
And if you know it's 50, good for you. You're very smart and well-rounded.
The NFL has decided to drop the Roman Numerals for Super Bowl 50 in San Francisco in 2016, because the lonely "L"…
Preparing For Your Super Bowl Party
The Super Bowl is coming quickly. Sunday, February 2, will be here before we know it. So, it is time to get ready for the big game's big party. Don't worry, we have some great tips for you to help prepare for your Super Bowl party.
Super Bowl Tickets Cost How Much?
With the Cowboys and Texans out of the picture, who is your Super Bowl pick this year?
Ok, ok... I hear you Saints fans. Who Dat and all that! Good luck to you this weekend in Seattle.
My pick of the Broncos and Seahawks is still alive and well...because neither team has played a playoff game yet. Woo…

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