stupid things people do

Teen Collapses After Four-Day XBox Marathon [POLL]
A 15-year old boy from Columbus, Ohio was hospitalized yesterday (August 7) after a four day XBox gaming marathon. The teen collapsed from becoming too dehydrated. His mother said he only appeared from his room over the four day period to get snacks and take a quick shower.
Couple Arrested for ‘Sexual Fondling’ in Walmart
Police in Hutchinson, Kan., arrested a couple for what is described as "sexual fondling" inside a Walmart store. Julian Call and Tina Gianakon took a tube of K-Y Jelly off the shelf and went to town in front of all the other shoppers by doing what a local newspaper described as &am…
This Just in — Don’t Put Fireworks in Your Crack!
A 23-year-old man in New Zealand was sent to the hospital Saturday night (July 28) after a party trick went horribly wrong! The trick involved setting off firecrackers between his buttocks! The man placed a firecracker between his cheeks and lit the fuse - followed by severe burns to his cheeks, bac…

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