Sex College? Sign Me Up! [NSFW VIDEO]
Why do I always feel like the last person to find out about cool stuff? Is anyone else aware that there is a school of sex in Australia?  The Australian International School of Sex promises "hands on" education for the low prize of just $1,900 per semester. I'm going for …
Man Has Sex With Pool Raft
From the "now that's effing sick" files, Fox 19 out of Cincinnati, Ohio is reporting that a 32 year old man was arrested and charged with public indecency after neighbors caught him having sex with a pink swimming pool raft!  More after the jump.
Juicy Kisses ’50 Best Sex Moves’ [NSFW]
Picking back up this week on our quest to unit the genders in a peaceful -- copacetic inter-mingling. Looking for some answers about relationships -- we've got answers. (Maybe not good ones -- but we have answers!) We are going to dive into the age old question are hot juicy kisses on a guys&a…
Dirty Dancing ’50 Best Sex Moves’
Our "Cosmo Moment" investigation continues -- exploring the myths between the two sexes.
We hope to develop a better understanding between the two sexes.  We want to clear the air -- let the truth be known freeing everyone's inhibitions.  We have found another "Sex Move" that we w…
Phone Sex – ’50 Best Sex Moves’ [SERIES] NSFW
Wouldn't you like it if someone would just "Tell it like it is?"
We decided to quit playing around and just come out with it -- Regardless of your gender everyone wants to know "What the opposite sex thinks is hot," right?
So we are starting a little mini-series to help improve the…
Couple Has Sex While Driving in Mini Van [VIDEO]
Thank goodness for cell phones with video camera's!  Thanks to, check out this video of a young couple going to town driving down the road!  Who knew guys in mini vans were getting any action...much less while actually driving the mini van! Video after the jump.