What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Sex Life
Klooff is an iPad app for pet lovers, and they recently surveyed their users to find out what breed your dog is says about your dating potential. The survey is far less than scientific, with only 1,000 dog and non-dog owners participating. The results - after the jump!
The Economics of Faking an Orgasm
An author from Emory University has published the results of a study he conducted on people faking orgasms. Hard to believe men fake the big ‘O’, but sometimes you’ve run out of things to do or say to get the job done. With the ready availability of free porn online (and the subsequent desensitizati…
Women Make Noise During Sex to Get You to Hurry Up
Studies show that most women make noise (and lots of it) when engaging in sexual intercourse. It’s not because they’re nearing orgasm. Those loud moans are more of an effort to make you feel good about yourself and the size of your package and because she wants you to…
Katy Perry To Have Virtual Sex With Millions Of People
Freshly back-on-the-market pop startlet Katy Perry is getting hot and heavy with ‘The Sims 3: Showtime,’ a new addition to the PC game that allows you to pursue your dreams of becoming a dancer, musician, magician and — maybe it’s just us, but we doubt it…

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