This Really Happened to Me on a Date!
I've been doing the online dating thing for about six months, and as you might guess I haven't had that much success with it because I'm still doing it.
It has been a wild ride for sure, but nothing up to this point can compare with the crazy thing that happened Friday night. I'm …
What Is Considered Cheating To You? [POLL]
There was a lot of traffic through the studio this afternoon, while playing Hyper Hi-Lo today and one of the conversations that was brought into the studio for discussion by a few staffers was the subject of cheating.
What Your Dog Breed Says About Your Sex Life
Klooff is an iPad app for pet lovers, and they recently surveyed their users to find out what breed your dog is says about your dating potential. The survey is far less than scientific, with only 1,000 dog and non-dog owners participating. The results - after the jump!
Video Shows The Female Brain During Orgasm
We all know that science is pretty awesome, and without it our civilization would be in dire straights.  Science cures diseases, explains and prevents natural disasters, but in our opinion the most recent scientific discovery is pretty freakin’ sexy.
Halloween Walk Of Shame [VIDEO]
Halloween parties are a great opportunity for random hook-ups. Especially because every girl is wearing a sexy costume. We don’t know that for fact, since we haven’t been invited to a Halloween party in years. We based that info on the comments people with lives make …

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