10 Jokes About the Rapture
So, the rapture is coming. Again. Yup, Harold Camping — the preacher whose prediction the world would end this past May 21 — now says the apocalypse is set for Friday, October 21.
So, make sure your checkbook is balanced, you’ve turned off all the lights and filled your dog’s bowl with water. But, if…
Doomsday Predictor Says Invisible Judgment Day Came Saturday [PHOTOS]
Can we get a rapture rain check? Say, for Oct. 21? Harold Camping, the radio host who predicted Christians would be taken to heaven this past Saturday, leaving non believers behind to suffer through the end of the world, has picked a new date for the end of the world after a rapture-less weekend.
Your Playlist for Doomsday
According to some crazies (radio host Harold Camping) the world is coming to an end today, May 21.  Why wait around in silence? We got this idea from a new music news source, Ultimate Classic Rock. Let our Top 10 Doomsday songs keep you company.  If the world doesn't end at least you …