Friday Cage Match: Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd [VIDEOS, POLL]
I hate to do this matchup today because it is almost sacrilegious. But as rockers, we have a say in who is better. That is why we cage match brothers and sisters! And it doesn't get any better than pitting these two legendary bands against each other: Led Zeppelin vs. Pink Floyd.
Mayan Calendar ‘End of the World’ — Do You Believe It? [POLL]
Well, it is just around the corner and people are starting to talk a little more about it. What am I talking about? The 2012 doomsday beliefs and the Mayan calendar ending, of course. Now there are lots of beliefs and feelings toward this phenomenon, supposedly happening Dec. 21, 2012.
How Many One Night Stands Have You Had? [POLL]
The question today: How many one night stands have you accumulated over the years? The conversation started over the weekend with friends of mine when my buddy Mark said, "Wow! I had two one night stands this weekend." Are they really this common?
Body Waxing – How Young is Too Young? [POLL]
A business called Uni K, which operates "waxing centers" in New York and Florida, is running a promotion for the month of July where girls 15 and younger can experience their first "waxing" at 50% off! This means some girls as young as eight could be getting their…
Is ‘All You Can Eat’ Really ‘All You Can Eat?’ [POLL]
CNN is reporting on a man, Bill Wisth, from Wisconsin who went in to an all-you-can-eat restaurant for fish. After serving the 350 pound man a dozen pieces of fish, the restaurant said they were running out of fish and cut him off.  They sent him home with eight more pieces of fish, but that wa…
Black Student Asked To Speak ‘Blacker’ In Class [POLL]
I couldn’t believe what I was reading today about a black ninth grader from Fairfax County, Va. The student, Jordan Shumate, was allegedly asked by his  ninth grade English teacher, Marilyn Bart, to read a poem aloud by the African American writer Langston Hughes, and then insisting he read it in a …
Mayo or Mircle Whip – We Asked You Answered!
The big debate is on "Miracle Whip or Mayonnaise?" There are only two kinds of people -those who love Miracle Whip and those who don't -- It's like politics and religion. We noticed that everyone's comments were passionate when answering this age old question.