Teen Collapses After Four-Day XBox Marathon [POLL]
A 15-year old boy from Columbus, Ohio was hospitalized yesterday (August 7) after a four day XBox gaming marathon. The teen collapsed from becoming too dehydrated. His mother said he only appeared from his room over the four day period to get snacks and take a quick shower.
What Do You Eat for Breakfast? [POLL]
I see many people driving into work every day on my commute. They're hurriedly munching or sipping breakfast on the way to work. Today's culture has changed so much that we are in a hurry, so we don't sit and have a traditional breakfast like we used to. Heck, we hardly sit as a famil…
Are You a Video Gamer? How Much Do You Play? [POLL]
Today's conversation starts because some people find playing video games ridiculous. I see their point in one aspect. But I also think some of the things other people do in their spare time is stupid. It's all about perspective, right?

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