Lemmy’s 30 Most Historic Moments
Sorting through Lemmy's 30 Most Historic Moments, you find plenty of musical highlights – but just as many times when he broke the mold all over again far from the lighted stage
Motorhead Get the Lego Treatment
'The Lego Movie' is the biggest movie of 2014 (so far), topping the box office while enjoying some of the best reviews that a family-friendly film has seen in quite some time. But would a little Motorhead have made it even better?
Lemmy: “I’ll Never Get A Job Again”
Back in October, Lemmy said he is "ready for death," but the Motorhead singer might be having second thoughts. In a new interview, he reveals just how tough a time he's had in dealing with being sidelined by his recent health issues.
Motorhead Unveil Full ‘Aftershock’ Album Details
Break out the poker chips and a bottle of whiskey because Motörhead have revealed the full details on their 21st studio album, 'Aftershock.' After 38 years of unrelenting outlaw attitude and their trademark take on blues and speed fueled rock, the band haven't let up one bit. With songs like 'Silenc…

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