Looking For Happiness? Ride A Motorcycle!
If you've ever hit the open road on a Harley, you know it can feel sexy and free and you don't have a care in the world. Well maybe a bug or two in your face, but other than that, life feels pretty darn good on a motorcycle.
A new study says women who ride motorcycles are overall much happier than wo…
Fully-Functional Wooden Motorcycle [VIDEO]
A wooden motorcycle! Crazy awesome! This is truly an achievement of the creative and amazing. This is not fake and not a lie, this is real life wow. The hours it must have taken to get this motorized blend of wood and bull horns is jaw dropping.
Here’s What a Flaming Motorcycle Looks Like
We have to admit that the concept of a flaming motorcycle grabs our attention just as much as the idea of Kate Upton doing gymnastics. OK well, maybe not that much, but still -- motorcycle plus fire ...  that’s a pretty awesome combination!
Nine People Die at Sturgis Motorcycle Rally
The annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally ended yesterday (Aug. 12) and the South Dakota Highway Patrol reported nine people died at the event -- eight of those from fatal accidents. The patrol also reported 50 people were injured -- that's down from eighty last year.
Guy Films Himself Speeding on Motorcycle
This guy (or girl) is crazy. Or ‘cray’ as they say. We hate to sound like the worried parents, but honestly… what’s the point of this? To be a YouTube phenomenon? We can’t even see their face. Motorcycles are often vehicles for the presump…
Sidecars That Make Any Motorcycle Manlier
Whether you’re trying to outrun a group of Nazis or just trying to run to Wendy’s before closing time, nothing lets the world know that you’re the sidekick in any situation more than having to sit in the sidecar of a motorcycle.