Rocker Says the Stones, the Who and Metallica ‘Blew It’
We've all been disappointed by a late-period record by one of our favorite bands, and to one extent or another, we've all engaged in an endless debate over whether it's better to burn out or fade away. For Buzz Osborne of the Melvins, the answer is neither; creativity takes effort, an…
Metallica and Iron Maiden Team Up to Headline Sonisphere
Two of heavy metal’s greatest champions, Metallica and Iron Maiden, have been officially confirmed as headliners for Sonisphere 2014 -- the European continent-touring mega-festival first launched to great success in 2009, but which latter suffered a last-minute cancellation of its UK…
Metallica to Debut New Song on Next Tour
Metallica plan to hit the road next summer, playing a bunch of dates throughout Europe. And they're letting their fans pick the set lists. Best of all, they're leaving one slot open for a brand new song they plan to play every night.
Metallica Planning to Perform in Antarctica?!
Are Metallica planning to perform a concert in Antarctica??? According to Coca-Cola Zero, not only will Metallica be transported to the icy continent to play a gig, but one lucky winner and a guest of their choice will witness the groundbreaking performance in person.

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