Frozen McRib Photo Sweeps the Internet
The McRib at McDonald's is a cult phenomenon. Even in this age of people trying to eat more natural, healthy food (and fast food restaurants even offering more healthy choices), the McRib seems to be immune to the criticism.
Ronald McDonald Hit While Riding Bicycle on Troup Highway in Tyler

Wikipedia has some interesting information on the 70-year-old bicyclist hit while riding on Troup Highway on Wednesday night (March 7). Terry Knutson of Tyler was hit while riding his bicycle on Troup Highway when he reportedly pulled out of a parking lot and into the middle lane where he was struck…
More ‘Sing for Your Supper’ [VIDEOS]
Yesterday I posted a video of a guy singing his order at a Sonic. The guy had an amazing voice. When some of my co-workers saw it they pointed out that the guy was in a bunch of YouTube video's doing the same thing at other fast food restaurants.
McDonald’s to Receive $1 Billion Makeover
The interior decor at your local Golden Arches leaves a lot to be desired, but that won't be the case for much longer.
The fast food giant plans to drop roughly $1 billion to re-decorate its restaurants, replacing red-and-yellow plastic with faux-leather and harsh overhead lighting with somethin…
East Texas Cheap Eats
We were talking just the other day in the lunch room here at the radio station about how much food prices have gone up lately.  There was a time not too long ago when you could spend $5 on lunch.  Now you're lucky to get out for much less than $10.  Any decent combo meal at McDonald's or Whataburger…

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