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Extreme Heat Expected for East Coast, Not East Texas [VIDEO]
East Texas had it’s fare share of extreme heat last year and it seems the heat wave and extreme temps have moved up north along the East Coast.  I just happened to catch the forecast for this week for Richmond, VA and what we felt last year is nothing to what they&CloseCurlyQuot…
First-Ever East Texas Ghost Conference Coming to Marshall [VIDEO/POLL]
Do you believe in ghosts? Well, bring up the subject of ghosts and Marshall, Texas and there’s a lot of people who will admit, if only in confidence, that they’ve seen, felt or heard something that can’t be explained – a woman’s face in the window of the historic courthouse late at night, an empty r…
Why The 9-to-5 Job is a Thing of the Past
Today’s employees are being freed from a 9-to-5 job thanks to smartphones, mobile apps and the cloud. As a result of technology that’s allowing employees to do many things outside the office, many bosses aren’t looking at the time clock that closely an…
Why Drugs Are Bad: Texas Man Arrested After Eating a Dog
A man from Waco who said he was high on the synthetic drug K2 was arrested after he chased a neighbor while on all-fours and eventually strangled and starting eating a family dog — while it was ALIVE — sparking yet another zombie-style discussion from recent events around the nation.

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