This Online Tool Helps You Pick the Perfect Wedding Date
If you're tossing around a few possible dates for your wedding and you are dying to know which one is historically the most likely to have the perfect weather forecast, you gotta check this out. You could even cheat and use this tool to plan your next backyard barbecue.
8 Year Old Weighing 200 Lbs Taken From Mother [VIDEO/POLL]
In Ohio, reports say that an eight year old boy was taken from his mother because he was deemed severely obese. The boy weighed in at an astonishing 200 lbs! This particular case has sparked debate on whether or not a child that is severely obese should be taken from their parents custody.
Power to The “V” Meet Power to The “D”
Have you noticed lately there has been a huge campaign  for hygiene products?  Telling women to take care of themselves better?  Always thought this was a little one sided -- cuz frankly you men could keep better care of your "packages!"  Why do some of you think it is OK to go "au na…
When Your Friends Don’t Have Friends —
A woman recently posted an open letter on urging her childless friends to understand that she can no longer live the life of a fun, single, kidless gal.
Some of the offenses she named are listed after the jump --