Lightning Strike Sends Texas Rangers for Cover [VIDEO]
It was the top of the fourth inning last night at Rangers Ballpark in Arlington as the Texas Rangers were taking on the Minnesota Twins when a loud clap of thunder and bolt of lightning sent players scrambling to the dugout. The lightning obviously hit very close to the stadium. You can see the inte…
Body Waxing – How Young is Too Young? [POLL]
A business called Uni K, which operates "waxing centers" in New York and Florida, is running a promotion for the month of July where girls 15 and younger can experience their first "waxing" at 50% off! This means some girls as young as eight could be getting their…
Man Loads Porn Onto Digital Photo Frames at Target
Check out this dude from South Carolina who is accused of uploading porn to some of those digital picture frames at a Target store last weekend. David Wright Jr., 29, is accused of walking into a Target store in North Charleston, S.C., and inserting a flash drive into several picture frames and uplo…
Top Toys For Christmas 2012 Announced
The world famous London toy store, Hamleys, announced today what it predicts to be the big toys of Christmas for 2012. The winners include retro toys that were popular in the 80's! They include Barbie, Spider-Man and Mickey Mouse, but what toy is at the top of the list? Cabbage Patch Dolls!
3 Foods That Fight Sunburn
Like you, I get a lot of junk in my email. Most of it goes straight to the trash, but the headline on one of them I received yesterday caught my attention. It was about foods that help relieve the pain of a sunburn. I don't know that there is anything much worse than a really bad sunburn -- you know…
FDA Approves Weight-Loss Pill
For the first time in 13 years, the FDA has approved a pill for weight-loss. The BBC reports the medication called, Belviq, can be used by obese or overweight adults. In studies, it helped people lose about 5% of their body weight.

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