My ‘Ghost’ Story
During this time of year, a lot of us will sit around and share our "ghost' stories. The age old tradition of trying to freak each other out will not be lost before this year's Halloween. Let's share our scary stories and get ready for a fright.
3 Reasons Being Single During Halloween is the Best
You might be under the impression that being in a couple during the Halloween season is the best way to go about it. Nope. Being single gives you more opportunity to enjoy this holiday to its full capacity. Here are the top 3 reasons why that is so.
Liberty Hall Theater’s October Movie Schedule
To get ready for Halloween, the downtown Tyler theater is showing a handful of horror movie classics. The Liberty Hall Theater is the perfect place to go see these legendary scary films for this spooky season. Here is what they are showing.
25 Questionably Sexy Halloween Costumes
Womens' costumes tend to leans toward the "questionable" side of the costume spectrum. Halloween is the only time of year when anything and everything can be considered "sexy." Of course, that doesn't mean that every sexy costume is actually a good idea...as these twent…
5 Best Things About Being an Adult During Halloween
With Halloween coming, some of you might get a little sentimental about your favorite childhood Halloween memories. But, being an adult during this spooky and crazy holiday is the best. Here are five reasons why being an adult during Halloween is way better than being a kid.
Where to Buy Halloween Costumes in Tyler + Longview
Shopping for your Halloween costume can be a challenge. Starting early can prevent the stress and manic caused by last last minute shopping when all of the perfect costumes and outfits are already taken. So, start early. Here are three places that will get you into the perfect costume this Halloween…

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