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Axl Rose Suffers Partial Defeat in ‘Guitar Hero’ Lawsuit
Axl Rose‘s ongoing quest to wrest a $20 million judgment from video game makers Activision was dealt a setback yesterday (August 14), when a judge indicated Rose’s allegations of fraud would be dismissed — but he allowed another claim in the suit to stand, leaving the leg…
Axl Sues Activision Over Guitar Hero
Activision may no longer be making Guitar Hero, but the lawsuit Axl Rose filed against the company because of the game is still set to move forward, just not for a while.  Axl sued for 20-million dollars because Guns N’ Roses’ “Welcome to the Jungle&CloseC…
No More Guitar Hero
Activision has decided to kill the one thing that has kept me interested in video games.  Due to declining sales and lack of interest by consumers, Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock will be the the last Guitar Hero released. More after the jump.