Dumped? Dump Your Ex’s Stuff at a Tyler Goodwill.
If you don't get your stuff back before you break up, you might find some of it at the Goodwill locations across East Texas.  And have you seen how many locations we have?  Holy cow.  Your stuff might be spread out from Tyler to Canton to Marshall. That would take a while to track down.
Valentine's D…
East Texas Goodwill Can Use That Cardboard Box
Now that the online shopping madness is over, what should we do with all those boxes?  If you haven't recycled them yet, here's a great idea that will help you declutter the house and help Goodwill at the same time.
Goodwill Opens ‘Computer Works’ Store to Sell Recycled Computers
Goodwill has opened a new store called 'Computer Works' which is a store that sells recycled computers at very affordable prices. Goodwill is accepting donations of old computers, monitors and printers that they will refurbish and sell in the store. If you've got a few old computers gathering dust i…