4th of July Fireworks Safety Tips
Next Friday, July 4th, we'll be celebrating our nation's birthday with a big birthday party that will most likely involve fireworks! Although they are a source of great joy and full of amazement because of all their beautiful colors, they can though be quite dangerous.
Fireworks at the Fishery in Athens
The Fourth of July is just a little over two weeks away! The day will be filled with burgers, friends, family, snack food, time on the lake and fireworks! Kids of all ages love a great fireworks show and one of the biggest fireworks shows in East Texas will be happening at the Texas Freshwater Fishe…
Forest Service Says Be Careful With New Year’s Eve Fireworks
Got your fireworks yet? There are just two opportunities each year to buy fireworks in Texas – near the 4th of July, and new New Year’s Eve. Business is good right now at local fireworks stands with the holiday fast approaching. Our own Leslie Reynolds offered tips on where to get the fireworks in a…
This Just in — Don’t Put Fireworks in Your Crack!
A 23-year-old man in New Zealand was sent to the hospital Saturday night (July 28) after a party trick went horribly wrong! The trick involved setting off firecrackers between his buttocks! The man placed a firecracker between his cheeks and lit the fuse - followed by severe burns to his cheeks, bac…

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