Stanford Band Tries and Fails to Mock Texas
I like a good joke. I even like a joke that may take things a little too far. In a world where everything is taken too seriously, some levity is always welcome. However, Stanford University's band bombed during their halftime performance at the Alamo Bowl.
The Future of Prince is Utopian Science Fiction
Among music nerds and the Prince faithful, much has been made of his fabled vaults.  Not just since his passing either.  No, fans of Prince have wondered for years just what sort of genius might lurk beyond that imagined, 24-bolt Diebold vault door...
A Guy Wakes Up In Purgatory [WATCH]
We're not going to do much to set up this video (because we don't want to ruin it for you) but, suffice to say, this is a gem from YouTube Channel, Chris & Jack.  It's the first video they've uploaded to their channel and they've already struck viral, comedy gol…

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