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Andrew Dice Clay Rants on Sheen [VIDEO]
Charlie Sheen’s recent behavior has everyone talking, even comedian Andrew Dice Clay. It looks like the “DiceMan” is not a fan of the Sheen. In a new video, Clay said, “You call winning when there's custody battles, your kids are being taken from you and you're living with two porno actresses that I…
Facebook About a Fallen Soldier, Not Sheen
There is a new viral campaign going around, where instead of writing about Charlie Sheen on your Facebook or Twitter account, you post a message honoring the soldiers who have died recently in Afghanistan.
Charlie Sheen at His Best [VIDEO]
Charlie Sheen was obviously never taught to be quiet while you are ahead -- does he really think he is getting ahead with all this nonsense? Really Charlie needs to get his act together and not think he is above the rest of us here on what we call "R-E-A-L-I-T-Y!"  We have another "L…
Charlie Sheen and Mark Cuban to Team Up?
Could Charlie Sheen and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban be thinking about teaming up?  According to ESPN, the two have been in talks about possibly developing some programming for HDNet, a TV channel owned by Cuban.  About the potential partnership, Cuban said, “You’ve got somebody that everybody…
Debut of Sheen’s Korner
Apparently the $3 million an episode deal with HBO didn’t seem to go through.  So what was Charlies next option for his brand new tell it like it is talk show?  The Internet!  This is part one of the debut episode which is pretty much just more ranting...
Another Celebrity Train Wreck
I know that Andy Dick is a bit of a train wreck already, but he seems to be trying to steal some of Charlie Sheen’s spot light with his latest escapade.
Slash Comments On Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen has been in the news a lot recently and even other celebrities are talking about the actor.  Slash is one such star to comment on Sheen, telling Australia’s Triple M radio that Charlie “is probably the most rock n’ roll character in enterta…
TMZ Interviews Charlie Sheen
TMZ streamed a 45 minute interview with Charlie Sheen live and unedited.  The actor sat down in his backyard with TMZ staffer Mike Walters.  Sheen wore baggy black clothes and spent the entire interview smoking, going through no less than four cigarettes.  He spoke about his sobriety, the current is…
CBS Shuts Down Two And A Half Men
Charlie Sheen has really done it this time. Thanks to some crazy rants earlier today that slammed “Men” creator Chuck Lorre, CBS has decided to pull the plug on this season of the hit show.
Charlie Sheen Wants To Pay Crew For Time Off
Charlie Sheen might like booze, drugs and porn, but that doesn't mean he's a bad guy.
In fact, the Two and a Half Men star has offered to pay a portion of his crew's salaries while the show remains on hiatus. According to TMZ, the rehabbing actor has agreed to shell out a third of thei…
Is There a Charlie Sheen Sex Tape?
This was inevitable.
Charlie Sheen has made his own porn video -- with himself as the star.
An L.A. adult actress who goes by the name Felony tells Radar Online that the Two and a Half Men star
wanted to release his own porn franchise called Charlie's Devils -- and to get things started, he filmed…
Have Charlie Sheen’s Benders Finally Caught Up to Him?
The Two and a Half Men star was rushed to the hospital yesterday (Thursday) morning with severe abdominal pains. TMZ says he suffered a hernia, not an overdose.
Charlie was reportedly in the middle of a marathon bender with five women -- including two porn stars -- before he ended up in an ambulance …