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The Average Person Spends $77 on Halloween
Have you added up how much you spend on costumes and candy?  The National Retail Federation says those things plus the decorations and pumpkins to carve, add up to $77.52 per person.  That's plenty, but if you have kids doesn't that actually seem a little low?
Esquire Magazine Sexy Ladies Brackets
Esquire magazine has their own version of March Madness with the Sexiest Women Alive 2011 tournament. The voter-decided battle comes complete with its own printable brackets featuring 64 women from movies, TV, music, sports and more. Some first-round matchups include Beyoncé versus Gwyneth Pa…
Hottest Leading Ladies Over 40
It seems like some of our favorite leading ladies are just getting hotter with age. Can we thanks mother nature for this? Maybe a very skilled doctor? Whatever the case, these women are still smokin' hot.
Brooklyn Decker Gallery [PHOTOS]
Brooklyn Decker is in the new movie "Just Go With It."  The movie stars Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston who are friends who fall in love at the end.  If you don’t get what is going to happen just from watching the trailer than maybe this one isn&CloseC…