Wild Animals Escape and Terrify Ohio Community [VIDEO]
An Ohio man who owned an exotic animal farm released his animals to the wild and then committed suicide on Tuesday, according to police.
Farm owner Terry Thompson was found dead in his home near Columbus, OH by the sheriff’s deputies, who say his body had been disturbed by animals…
Double Your Terror – Two-Headed Snake [VIDEO]
Upon finding a baby king snake with two fully functional heads in his backyard, Tennessee man Paul Carver took it to state wildlife officials, who were just as baffled as he was.
“I’ve been working 13 years and been in the woods all my life — nearly 40 years &mda…
Enthusiastic Dog Fetches Deaf Dog for Owner [VIDEO]
Most dogs fetch bones or sticks, but Buffy, a black lab, can fetch another dog named Benson.
When the owner says, “Go fetch Benson,” Buffy proceeds to rush enthusiastically to the other lab’s side and pull him back home by the collar.
This is actually a very…

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