It's things like this that only make you wonder about the world we live in, and how kids would ever even think to do something like this.A nine-year-old fourth Grader from Alaska took the life of a classmate after the kids got into an argument over the winner of "Student of the Week." Alaska State Troopers say the unnamed boy got in an argument and then shot Spencer Polty in the chest with what police say was a .17 caliber pellet rifle.

Polty's mother said it seemed like a usual day and her son was not acting any differently. Then when her son was outside with the boy who shot him, the two got into an argument before Polty was killed.

The Daily Mail reports Joyce Polty recently saw the mother of the boy who shot her son, and she apologized.

"I have to forgive him," Joyce Polty said.

Charges have not been filed yet.