How much Stone Sour is too much Stone Sour? We'll find out as they plan to release 2 albums in 7 months...and there's a story line through both albums...uh oh, this could be bad...anyone remember Kiss' 'The Elder?' Didn't think so...

Corey Taylor and the guys from Stone Sour are getting ready to release 'House of Gold and Bones - Part One' and it's follow- up 'House of Gold and Bones - Part Two.' The band recorded the albums simultaneously at the same location that Slipknot recorded their fourth album, 'All Hope Is Gone.'

Taylor says the albums tell the tale of a young man at a crossroads between staying in adolescence or facing the challenges of adulthood. He goes on to tell Rolling Stone:

Each song tells a different part of the story, but it's so unique unto itself. That was one of the things we really wanted to go for; we didn't want to do a batch of tunes that all sound alike. We wanted to make sure each song had its own soul, basically.

Look for 'Part One' to be released on October 23rd and 'Part Two' in May of 2013.