Sure, Halloween is fun with all of the candy, parties, costumes, and stuff; but it isn't all fun and games. Halloween is all about scares and horror too. While all of the things you see at haunted houses and around town are fake, they are based off of true things. We hear ghost stories all of the time, but did you ever stop to imagine what kind of ghost stories were written in your own backyard? Here are just a few of some creepy ghost stories and legends from right here in East Texas. Some may be kind of cheesy and not so believable, but you may never know which ones are fake, and which are true.

Monkey Bridge - Athens

When Athens was being built, the circus was coming to town by train. The train crashed as it was just about to arrive underneath a bridge in Athens. All of the animals were said to have died, and all of the bodies recovered except for the monkeys. Legend has it that if you go to the bridge late at night and put white powder on your car, there will be paw prints.

Marshall Highway 2792 - Carthage

Down 2792 is an old, broken down home covered in weeds and overgrown bushes. Story says that a young woman lived there with her husband and young child. Her brother came to get money for drugs and when she told him know, he got violent. He killed her by shooting her, stabbing her, and drowning her in the tub. Police found him wandering through the streets botched and bloody. People say that when they drive down the road they have strange feelings and become unable to breathe. They also say that they have seen a light going on and off, a white figure in the attic, and  even her face in the hallway.

Cherokee Trace - Gilmer

It's been said that when a thick fog rises up and covers the road, causing you to drive slowly, a woman and some small children have been seen crossing the road.

Old Caddo Indian Museum - Longview

The museum, which has been closed down for a few years now, used to be the home to numerous artifacts found on East Texas burial sites. Several people reported seeing a small Indian girl standing at the road or the front of the museum. Strange noises were also said to be heard when driving directly in front of the museum. The ghost is supposedly the ghost of a small girl who died from a head injury, and who's skeleton was on display at the museum.

Lon Morris College - Jacksonville

One of the dorms is supposedly haunted by a female ghost. The ghost is the ghost of Mrs.Brown who used to be the dorm director but died of cancer before her term as director was completed. Each year she picks a resident to live with. Sources say her spirit feels the need to complete duties that she would have as the dorm director.

Tyler Junior College - Tyler

It is said that a little boy screams as you leave the Wise Auditorium at night.

Bascom Road - Whitehouse

It's been said that at late at night you can see a woman dressed in white crossing the road. She is dressed in white and is supposedly carrying a knife. Stories say that she stabbed her husband before stabbing herself, but he lived. They say she is out looking for her husband to finish what she started.