Um, yeah. Don't answer that ... yet!

I read an interesting article in the NY Times this week that said because so much information now is out in the open with social media, we may be entering a time when salaries aren't quite as secretive as they have been in the past.

Do you know what your co-workers make? If not, that may change soon.The article says websites that list current salaries and ranges for negotiation, (along with perhaps, that crazy Parade Magazine that puts salaries on the front page!), work together to make money talk more socially acceptable and less secretive.

Transparency is good but do we really need to know? Again, I'm always looking for ways to blissfully live in denial about certain things, and what I don't know about salaries can't hurt me.

I'm competitive, and knowing numbers makes me unfairly compare myself and wonder if I'm an apple or an orange and why I can't be the opposite. For the record John Boy and Billy, and Chris ... I don't want to know!

Best of luck, God Bless, peace and love, and good tidings to you. I'm happy we're happy.

Do you even know how much money your parents make, or made? I remember getting a ballpark figure from my dad growing up, and that number still sticks in my head. We weren't rich but we were always happy and had what we needed. As an adult now with three kids, I have no idea how my parents kept my sister and I satisfied on that number. But they did, and it inspires me to be more creative with money.

Do you know what your co-workers make?