South Park will go anywhere with their jokes, usually leading to some offended and mad celebrities. This time around they take a shot at Slash, but its more comical then insulting. See for yourself after the jump.

Slash is always doing shows all around the world. Hes like a non-stop rock machine! South Park has a better explanation for this. Its that Slash is not real and some fairy tale character like Santa.

In this episode, the kids of South Park begin a search for Slash to perform for an event their doing. One of the kids, Clyde, calls his parents when hes told that Slash isn't real. His parents explain he is a mythical character based on the Dutch legend Vünter Slauche.

The kids of South Park weren't the only ones shocked to hear the news. Slash himself was so unsure that he posted on his facebook:

"I'm not......real? : ( "

Watch a clip of the episode here. So do you think Slash is real or not? I still have hopes!