I have never snow skied a day in my life, however, I did suit up and put skis on one time about 10 years ago and tried to learn how and it was a challenge. Once I was on the snow in 'ski school' I never really left the flat part of the training area in front of the ski lodge at Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood in Oregon. Snow skiing takes a lot of practice and patience too. I'm amazed by the ones that can just get up and go and have no fear about going down the mountain.


Skiing for a lot is a big thrill and even a bigger thrill for the pair in the video below. They appear to be in the back country and having a great time skiing, but a bit reckless too because of the speeds that these guys were going while skiing through the woods, sometime pretty dense woods too. At the same time I was watching this I was kind of envious because of their skills. They made it look fun but scary at the same time!