Tyler to Host US Nationals in the Firefighter Combat Challenge
Firefighters are athletes! It takes some focused agility to lug those thick uniforms and clunky boots around while working wonders with a hose, and we'll get to see the best of the best do their thing at a the Firefighter Combat Challenge in Tyler next month.
10 Reasons Why We Love Texas
Let's see if we can do this without mentioning brands like Shiner, Whataburger, Justin Boots, and Buc-ee's, that just scream Texas. Ok, we already can't do it. But what things do you love about Texas, besides our awesome products? Think wildflowers and wide open sky, and add to our…
Texas Has a New Lice Law, and Here’s What Parents Need to Know
As a parent, if you get a letter this year from your child's school saying a classmate has head lice, it's because a new Texas law requires the school to send it. But there is one instance that will remain undercover, and parents will never know.
Some Killed During Hurricane Harvey were Relatives of Selena
Selena was known as the queen of Tejano music when she was killed in March, 1995, and fans came out of the woodwork after her death to let her family know how beloved she was. The family needs support again, after the loss of six Houston relatives who died during Hurricane Harvey.