KABC Television from Los Angeles has a story on their website today about a lady in New York City who says she was fired from her job because of her curves. 29-year old Laura Odes says she was hired the very day she was interviewed at Native Intimates, a lingerie wholesale business in Manhattan. She says she was hired because she was so highly qualified - having a bachelors degree in business administration.

Within days of getting the job, she was fired. Not because of her performance, but because of her curves. The owners of the company told her on the second day of work that her outfit was too distracting and should not be worn for her "own safety."

She tried wearing different outfits for the next several days, but was eventually told by her employers to try wearing a bath robe over her clothes! She thought her outfits were appropriate - especially for a company that markets very sexy clothes, and I must say, that I have to agree with her.

While I don't have a problem with her clothes, I do think she needs to chill out on the fake eyelashes! Talk about distracting!

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