For over a decade now, Saliva has released a huge string of great songs and albums, and it looks like they're showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  This past Friday, they hit the road on a new tour that will bring them to Tyler on Saturday, Feb. 25 for a show at Clicks Live. But before you see them at Clicks, we have your chance to see them at a special show at the 96X studios for our awesome listeners.

Now, before you enter the contest for your chance to win a seat at our in-studio show, or buy tickets to the Clicks Live show, it's worth bringing you up to speed on some changes that Saliva has been through recently.  One of the biggest and most noticeable changes for Saliva was the addition of their new lead singer, Bobby Amaru.  Bobby replaced Josey Scott as lead vocals at the end of 2011. After 15 years with the band, Josey Scott has decided to leave the band to pursue a solo Christian music career. Saliva announced last month that Bobby had joined Saliva as the new vocalist.

In a recent interview with KFMX radio in Lubbock, drummer Paul Crosby said of Bobby:

The first thing we had him [Amaru] do was demo himself singing the old songs. When we got the tracks back we had a hard time believing it wasn’t Josey. He sings the old songs spot on but sounds like himself on the new tracks we’ve recorded.  Josey’s shoes are definitely not easy to fill, but this kid has got IT.

Saliva's latest single, “All Around The World,” is not as unfamiliar sounding as some Saliva fans may expect. Sure, Josey will always be a big part of what Saliva was and will always be, but true Saliva fans should be able to get behind the new lineup with no problem.

Check out the new track and let us know what you think.



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