This is an amazing story! 13-year old boy, Jeremy Whitshick, of Milton, Wash., jumped to action when his school bus driver had a heart attack.

Jeremy knew something was not right, because his bus driver just had a funny look on his face and his eyes were bulging. That’s when Jeremy took charge and steered the bus to the side of the road safely.

When asked what compelled him to come forward to help, Jeremy  told KOMO News he had acted “on instinct,” adding that a “book about superheroes” had inspired him to turn the vehicle’s engine off.

Jeremy also had the foresight to begin CPR on the bus driver until the ambulance arrived.

He also told KING 5 News that he knows how to drive because his mother lets him back the car out of the driveway when he washes it — but that, until now, it had been his little secret.

The bus driver was taken to the hospital. According to ABC News, his condition has been described as “grave.” No one else was hurt.

It’s refreshing to hear a positive story about our teens. This young man thought quickly without panicking. How many of us adults could do the same? I was interested in what “Super hero” book Jeremy got the idea to turn the vehicle off from , it was “Absolute Power.”

Way to go Jeremy, you are a true “Super hero!”

Do have a story about a child that you consider a “Super hero?” I would love to hear it.