Samuel Williams may be 71 years old, but he knows that he not only has Second Amendment rights, but when to use them. Example: His run-in with would-be robbers in a public place.

Two men, one with a baseball bat and the other with a gun, attempted to rob an Internet cafe in Ocala, Fla., last Friday. But, Williams pulled out his semi-automatic and started firing at the criminals, hitting one in the arm and the other ... well, where the good Lord split him.

Both 19-year-olds were taken to a hospital and then arrested for attempted robbery with a weapon and felony criminal mischief. Williams was carrying his gun legally, and not only should he be given a medal, he won't face any charges for defending the lives of those around him.

And, since we're in the 21st century, it was all caught on video. Check it out: