Wikipedia has some interesting information on the 70-year-old bicyclist hit while riding on Troup Highway on Wednesday night (March 7). Terry Knutson of Tyler was hit while riding his bicycle on Troup Highway when he reportedly pulled out of a parking lot and into the middle lane where he was struck by a tow truck.

The interesting part? Mr. Knutson was reportedly the original Ronald McDonald!

KLTV is reporting that Mr. Knutson claims to have helped create the Ronald McDonald character with George Voorhees, but according to Wikipedia, the McDonald's corporation disputes that information.

Mr. Knutson, who went by the name Terry Teene, was known for his career as a clown and reportedly appeared in numerous films, including Raging Bull. He also performed in concerts with artists like Alice Cooper, Nazareth, the Kinks, and more! Wikipedia also claims him to be a musician, recording over 300 songs.

Mr. Knutson is in critical condition at ETMC in Tyler.