Let's start off the week this week with a giggle and some less fortunate rock star mugshots. I came across some of these while surfing the web this weekend and thought it would brighten up a dreary ol' Monday.Some of these are OK to look at, but I chose these just because of who they are now. The Steven Tyler photo was really young and, Wow! The Prince of Darkness in a blue shirt!

These are some of the reasons that I chose these five today. Get a laugh and think of who they are now and what they think of themselves when they look back on these.

1. Steven Tyler: Is that even him? It's hard to tell with his mouth closed.

2. Vince Neil: I wonder what we was booked for?

3. Nikki Sixx: Our esteemed night show host in all his glory. The funny thing about this mugshot? He still looks the same as he does today!

4. Tommy Lee: Been hanging out with Coolio there, Tommy?

5. Ozzy Osbourne: Really, Ozzy? Ozzy would kick his own ass if he went back and saw this. Prince of Darkness? More like Prince of Palm Beach.