Researchers at Dalhousie University found that a liquid found in an old bottle is, indeed, Alexander Keith's beer, one of Canada's first breweries.

Jon Crouse was scuba diving when he discovered the bottle which was still full. Crouse used markings on the bottle to determine it was made between 1872 and 1890.

But local brewer Chris Reynolds heard of the discovery and wanted the liquid tested. Dr. Andrew MacIntosh of Dalhousie University did those tests for free.

After tests, the liquid was found to, in fact, be beer.

Reynolds was one of the tasters and said, "It tasted, actually, just how it smelled, which I was surprised by. We got like a little tree fruit note, a cherry note in there somehow — certainly a lot of sulphur, kind of rotten egg stuff going on."

The testing was documented by the Discovery Channel's Daily Planet and will be in an upcoming episode.

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