We lost one of the greatest musicians and artists of our generation, 18 years ago today. It's crazy to believe it's been 18 years since Kurt Cobain died. He was, to many people, this generation's John Lennon, Robert Plant or Pete Townshend.

The way Kurt Cobain changed rock music was more than revolutionary. As he became the humble frontman of the grunge movement, millions of fans around the world identified so much with his lyrics he injected into every Nirvana song.

They are songs that, of course, will never (and should never) be forgotten and revolutionized a musical era.

Jim Sellars was 21 years old when he spoke to The New York Times the day of Cobain's death. His words say it all:

The bond is hard to describe, but he was a lyricist who could feel the way we do. I'm still in shock, I feel so numb that someone who helped us understand is now dead.

It's the songs Kurt wrote that make up the five ways I'll remember him:

Rest in peace, Kurt. Feel free to leave a tribute to him in the comments below.