Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet a 96x listener who's name is "Rooster."  He caught my eye with his carefully chosen two dozen roses as he stood debating which chocolates to buy.

When I asked him about the flowers he proudly told me how he was going to buy a vase and trick the arrangement out by placing the two different colored roses to compliment each other -- more after the jump.
I think that Rooster should inspire other men to just take a moment and say "I love you" with a small token of appreciation.  Sure we all love diamonds and glittery bobbles, but stopping for a moment to recognizing how your love makes your life better is the key to making Valentine's Day 2011 a day to be remembered.

BTW, Rooster - thank you for stopping and letting me take your picture.  We would like to send you a t-shirt if you can either call us at the station (903-581-2011) or send us a message of facebook we would appreciate it.