It doesn't get much stupider than this, or does it? To give your number to the woman you just raped her is so wrong in so many sick, disgusting ways.This loser started by ringing the doorbell at the victim's home and said he was putting on a party. He then busted his way in before allegedly trying to murder her. He then attacked her and beat her along with stabbing her 25 times.

But it doesn't end there. This dude, 19-year-old DeMarco Myles, showed up in her room a week later and started a conversation with her. She of course told him to get out and texted a friend to help.

Then he pulled out a blade attached to brass knuckles, snatched the girl's cell and texted her friend back and raped her. Then crap gets weird when he wrote her a note saying, "Since you don't know me, here's my number."

Really dude? But he tried to cross out the number but the cops could read it.