Game 3 of the ALDS is set for this afternoon at 4:07.  The Rangers are in Tampa Bay for games 3 and 4 of the series.  I love my Rangers, but I have to admit that they have been outplayed in the first two games of the series.  More after the jump.

It's true that the Rangers won game 2 on Saturday night, but the Rays outscored the Rangers 15-8 in the first two games of the series.  They also hold the lead in hits (20-12), home runs (5-1), walks (6-3), and errors (0-2).

Tonight Colby Lewis will be on the mound for the Rangers and David Price will be pitching for the Rays.  Colby has been a better pitcher on the road this season, so that's good news.  In fact, in his only start against the Rays this season, he pitched 8 scoreless innings at Tropicana Field.  He struck out 8 and allowed only 6 baserunners at the June 1st game.  Today, hopefully he can continue where he left off back in June!

Price had a tough two final starts in the regular season.  He's given up 11 runs in two innings during those games.  In fact, he nearly blew the Rays entire season by giving up six runs in just four innings to the Yankees on the last day of the season!  The Rangers have good numbers against Price, however he does pitch well against fellow lefty, Josh Hamilton.

The game will be broadcast today on TBS.  I don't know what's going on with the sound during their broadcasts, but it needs to be fixed.  Saturday night the announcers could barely be heard over the crowd.  Last night while I was watching the Phillies game they had the same problem.  Hopefully that can get that annoying problem fixed!

I'm hoping the Rangers can erase what happen Friday night and get down to business today!  Rangers-Rays live from Tropicana Field in Tampa Bay today at 4:07!