Van Halen's new album, A Different Kind of Truth,  hit stores today, and we have a preview of some of the tracks here.

Now we know that a lot of people have been saying that band apparently used old, previously unreleased recordings as the basis for many of the songs that appear on the new collection, and David Lee Roth does admit that they get a lot of ideas from material they had stored away.

"I retooled all of the verses and melodies," he explained.  "I retooled all of the lyric.  So there is a body of new that meets halfway there, that I think makes very colorful sense.  The idea that it was in a vault -- well, are you talking about a head of lettuce or fine wine, sir?  I'm still chasing the ideal that initially compelled me -- which is to write a superb song with a permanently memorable lyric...If I do it right, you'll have a tune wedgie for the rest of your time."

Check out some the new tracks

She's the Woman

Beats Workin'

China Town

Stay Frosty