I found an interesting article last night on msn.com and I wanted to share.  As you probably know, the Secret Service has code names for almost everyone they deal with.  U.S. presidents, first ladies, and even locations are given code names. It started out mainly for security reasons, but with communications today, names can be encrypted.  So now the code names serve a purpose of brevity, clarity, and tradition.  The Secret Service actually doesn't assign the code names.  The White House Communications Agency does.  With some of the names they come up with, it's obvious they have a sense of humor and are normally spot-on. Could there be a more fitting code name for President Reagan than "Rawhide?"  More after the jump.

Nancy Reagan's code name - "Rainbow" was said to be given to her because she loved to wear red. George W. has a funny code name - "Tumbler" supposedly because of his embarrassing moments, most of which were always caught on camera!  His mom and dad, George H.W. and Barbara were named "Timberwolf and Snowbank."  Barbara's name most likely comes from her rolled snow white hair.

John F. Kennedy and Jackie were know as "Lancer and Lace" to men and women who helped to protect them.  Bill Clinton was nick-named "Eagle" for his love for golf.  President Obama has a pretty cool code name - "Renegade."  Check out the full list of government code names at powerwall.msnbc.msn.com.   They go on to list code names for Ted Kennedy, Chelsea Clinton, Richard Nixon, and others!

So all this brings up the question.  What would your Secret Service code name be?