Ok, it's only natural, everyone poops! However, women try to lead us to believe they don't and when they do they'll try everything to cover up the stink! I was going to watch a video on YouTube this morning and was sucked in to watching this ad for the product PooPourri. What caught my attention was the opening line of the spot,

You would not believe the mother load I just dropped!"

Now, I had the opportunity to skip the ad after it played for five seconds, but hearing her say that I just let it play itself out and was laughing nearly the entire length of the two minute commercial.

I'm assuming this product is for real (mainly from the comments left under the video), but I'm not sure really how effective this product would be. If it really works, I'd like to see the company buy some of this and place it in all the bathrooms around the radio station!

Here's the ad for PooPourri:

The comments left under the video are some of the funniest.


Now the question for you, do you think your girl has heard of this product and better question, has she bought it and used it? Let me know by leaving your comment below.