It's time we settle the argument of which Pantera album is the best. So you tell us your favorite today in our poll!The talk about which album was better started during football yesterday when my friend said "Far Beyond Driven" was their best album and they should play more Pantera at football games, which I do agree with.

Pantera rolls from Arlington and formed back in 1981 by the Abbott brothers. They have been rocking hard and long with every album they let loose. Every album to me has its own feel and all were fabulous with that same Pantera riffing and sound with a few changes every album.

We will let you choose today which album was their best. Was it their earlier albums like Metal Magic, Projects in the Jungle, I am the Night or Power Metal? Or was it one of the albums the made the band like Cowboys from HellVulgar Display of Power, Far Beyond Driven or the last two The Great Southern Trendkill or Reinventing the Steel?

Take the poll! Which album is the best?