This past weekend I visited my brother-in-law, Ryan who has been refurbishing an old school analogue Pioneer stereo receiver.  IT'S DONE!  The stereo receiver is a Pioneer SX 535.  He also tracked down some cool vintage speakers to pair with the unit. 

Ryan set up 4 pair of speakers on a switcher with the Pioneer amp for testing.

Don, 96-1 (Left Top: New Pioneer, Bottom Left: Dynaco, Upper Rear: Wharfedale, Nearest: KLH)


The Dynacos were pretty impressive for their size.  The KLH speakers had a very narrow, crisp and tight sound.  The Wharfedale's on the tallest speaker stand took the cake.  They were big warm and awesome! So, the Wharfedale's went home with me.  This model is British and from the late 60s-70's with a real wood cabinet and completely original.  The company has an interesting history.  You can read about them here: Wharfedale

As for the receiver/amp: Pioneer SX 535, well here it is at home with one of the Wharfedale speakers:

Don, 96-1 (Pioneer SX535 with Vintage British Wharfedale Speaker)



Artists tested so far on the rig:

Kansas, Boston, Def Leppard, Steely Dan

Hanz Zimmer Sound Tracks (wife was here)

Due to it's sonic awesomeness, Classic Rock 96-1 sounds really amazing on the old school analogue rig!



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