After years of waiting, the much anticipated Loop 49 project will open it's newest addition on Thursday (3/28)! This segment of the loop will connect Highway 110 south to Interstate 20!

This new segment has been one of the most anticipated because it will link areas of South Tyler, Whitehouse, Bullard and Flint to Interstate 20. In addition, residence of Lindale, like myself, will have a quicker commute to those areas to the south.

With this new segment open it will bring the current completed project to 26 miles. Future segments of the Loop 49 project will connect through Gregg, Upshur and Harrison Counties to the east and north.

The new segment of Loop 49 will still be a toll road and will open at 6:00pm on Thursday, March 28th! In the past, they have allowed new segments of the loop to be toll-free for a short period of time to allow drivers to experience it for free. No word on weather they will allow that in the case of this new segment.